LeBron James On If He Will Get Vaccinated: "Keep That To A Private Thing..."

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(via Sportscasting)

(via Sportscasting)

Amid these trying times, people look to LeBron James as a voice and beacon throughout the community. So, when James was asked about his plans to get the COVID-19 vaccine, many were prepared for the waves of impact it might generate for his biggest fans.

Interestingly, however, Bron dodged the question entirely, instead choosing to keep that matter "private' and "in the family."

(via USA Today)

"That's a conversation that my family and I will have. Pretty much keep that to a private thing," James said. "Obviously I saw Adam had his comments about the vaccination. But things like that, when you decide to do something, that's a conversation between you and your family and not for everybody. I'll keep it that way."

Considering LeBron hasn't really been shy about expressing his "political" views in the past, it's unlikely that self-reservation is a factor in his response here.

The guy has genuinely drawn a line in the sand when it comes between private and public matters. The vaccine falls under the former category, it seems.

The NBA obviously holds a different idea, as they've been campaigning hard to get people vaccinated over the past few weeks. Players around the league have, predictably, had mixed feelings.

Regardless,s whether or not you choose to get the vaccine is a personal matter and one that "King" James feels is business best kept away from the public eye.