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LeBron James On Kobe Bryant: “Our Games Are Different. As Far As Our Mindset And Drive To Be The Best And Not Lose... I’m One Of The Few Who Can Understand The Mindset He Played With.”

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

Standing just four wins away from his fourth Championship, LeBron James has reached a level of greatness very few will ever know.

Is part of his secret the adaptation of the Mamba Mentality? After leading his team to a Game 5 victory, Bron identified himself as "one of the few" who understands the mindset guys like Bryant and Jordan made so famous.

“Our games are different. As far as our mindset and drive to be the best and not lose...I’m one of the few who can understand the mindset he played with.”

Obviously, LeBron sees more similarities between him and Kobe on the inside than on the court.

And, in that respect, he's not wrong. James has shown a lot of that same spirit, energy, and dedication to his craft that Kobe did back when he was leading the Lakers.

And now, just like Kobe, Bron has the chance to make history with the Purple and Gold. We'll see soon enough if he is able to close the deal, but he has given us no reason to doubt him so far.