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LeBron James Picks Luka Doncic As His Favorite Player

LeBron James Picks Luka Doncic As His Favorite Player

The young stars in the NBA are blossoming as the older generation of stars looks to be slowing down. While many top young stars have already exited the playoffs, there are still more that are proving their quality through the regular season and post-season consistency. 

The two young stars in the NBA that are still alive in the Conference Finals are Luka Doncic and Jayson Tatum. Devin Booker, Ja Morant, LaMelo Ball, and others are already sitting at home while Doncic and Tatum are leading their teams to hopefully championship success.

The measuring stick in the NBA will always be LeBron James. No matter the hate, he is one of the most influential voices in basketball. So when he had an open Twitter Q/A session and was asked about his favorite under-25 player, LeBron christened Doncic in that role and reiterated that Luka is LeBron's favorite player in the league.

LeBron has been trying to court Doncic since Luka was a rookie. We are not referring to getting Doncic in the purple and gold threads of the Lakers, but using Luka as the face for his personal Nike brand. LeBron missed out on Luka as he signed with Jordan, but the love from the 4-time champion is still there.

LBJ is very quick to praise young players and give them motivation. It is easy to forget that James was once attending Davidson college basketball games to watch Steph Curry play before he got in the NBA and share words of wisdom with the then NCAA guard. 

Doncic is proving his doubters wrong with every game he plays, as the Mavericks now sit in the Western Conference Finals without even a single mainstream analyst picking them to beat Phoenix. Luka Magic is setting the NBA on fire once again, but the flame never extinguished when it came to how LeBron looked at the Dallas Mavericks' guard.