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LeBron James: "President Obama Is A Great Man. I Wish He Was Still President Of The United States."

LeBron James: "President Obama Is A Great Man. I Wish He Was Still President Of The United States."

Earlier this week, we were very close to seeing the league canceling the playoffs after players decided to boycott games on Wednesday. We lived 48 hours full of tension and speculation but in the end, things were solved and we had the restart of the postseason yesterday. Several players were involved in this situation and one of the most important was LeBron James, the face of the league.

James was against the idea of continuing the season due to the lack of a plan. After he spoke with former President Barack Obama, things changed. Bron was advised by Obama and changed his mind, asking the league and owners to have more participation to make a positive change. Obama's office released a statement explaining what he was asked and his advice on the whole situation.

"As an avid basketball fan, President Obama speaks regularly with players and league officials. When asked he was happy to provide advice on Wednesday night to a small group of NBA players seeking to leverage their immense platforms for good after their brave and inspiring strike in the wake of Jacob Blake's shooting. They discussed establishing a social justice committee to ensure that the players' and league's actions this week led to sustained, meaningful engagement on criminal justice and police reform."

It looks like we owe Barack Obama for having basketball back. We can't be happier with the results and LeBron is well aware of that. Following the Lakers' victory over the Blazers on Saturday night, James spoke about Mr. Obama, praising him for his advice and revealing he'd like to see him as POTUS still.

"President Obama is a great man, and I wish he was still the President of the United States," James told reporters.

We all know Obama is a baller and if he had the chance to help the league see out the playoffs to entertain millions of fans at home, he wouldn't miss it.