LeBron James Reacts To Russell Westbrook Being Traded To The Lakers

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LeBron James Reacts To Russell Westbrook Being Traded To The Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers now have a big three. During the 2021 NBA Draft, Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the Los Angeles Lakers traded Kyle Kuzma, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Montrezl Harrell, along with their 22nd overall pick in exchange for former league MVP Russell Westbrook. This move was in service of bringing yet another All-Star to the Lakers in order to bolster their chances for an NBA Championship run next season.

 For Westbrook, this is a move that will bring him back to his hometown of LA. And for LeBron James and Anthony Davis, it gives them another option to defer to during games. This gives a solid answer to the question "who is the third-best player on the Lakers?". And now, his future teammate has taken to Instagram to hype up their eventual union on the court.

LeBron James took to Instagram as news broke about the Lakers executing the trade for Westbrook. He posted a picture of himself alongside fellow teammate Anthony Davis and new teammate Russell Westbrook. He captioned the picture "~ X Brodie X 👑", using the nicknames for Anthony Davis, Westbrook, and himself. Clearly, LeBron James is excited to play with another All-Star aside from Davis. This move puts the Lakers at the front of the line of title contenders next season. 

The Western Conference has a big three of its own to rival the Brooklyn Nets' big three of Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving for next season. Some fans have questioned the logic behind this move for the Lakers, as Russell Westbrook has his weaknesses. While Westbrook is a fantastic player, he isn't a prolific three-point shooter. And the Lakers were the weakest three-point shooting team in the league. If there Lakers can make some more moves to bring in some shooters, then having Westbrook in the Lakers will be a huge move for next season.