LeBron James Responds To Bronny's Appearance On Sports Illustrated Cover

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LeBron James Responds To Broony's Appearance On Sports Illustrated Cover

Throughout NBA history, there has probably never been a prospect as widely hyped and celebrated ass LeBron James, who came into the NBA with the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Hailed as the "Chosen One" and the next great basketball icon, the young James, who came straight from High School had to manage big expectations en-route to ho starting his basketball career.

And now, roughly 18 years later, it is his son Bronny who is earning the attention of fans.

In a recent issue of Sports Illustrated, LeBron James Jr. made the cover on a feature about gaming.

Following the news, LBJ himself responded with pride.

It's for a different occasion, obviously, but it's still rather impressive that Bronny made it to the cover of such a famous and well-known magazine at just 16 years old. LeBron certainly has a lot to be proud of there, but something says this is only the beginning.

As a star at Sierra Canyon High, he is turning into quite the basketball player. As he prepares to make his return to the court, all eyes will be on him and how his game continues to grow and develop.

Going forward, it will be awesome to see what else he'll be able to do with all his talent.