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LeBron James Says He Still Thinks About Playing With Bronny In The NBA

LeBron James Posts Special Message For Bronny's 17th Birthday: "This Is Insane Man!"

LeBron James is currently in year 19 of his NBA career but is still playing with so much energy. Although he is more injury prone, LeBron's body conditioning has done a lot to help him stay healthy enough to continue performing at the highest level.

Over the weekend, Bronny James' Sierra Canyon squared off against LeBron's alma mater St Vincent-St. Mary in The Chosen-1's Invitational at Staples Center. Bronny was the star of the game, as he led Sierra to a 71-53 win.

LeBron was the proud father on the sidelines, shouting at referees for missed calls and cheering on his son. Various superstars were also in attendance, including Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, Floyd Mayweather, and Jamie Foxx, to mention a few.

According to Lakers beat reporter Mike Trudell, LeBron was asked how he felt watching his son in that matchup, he said he still thinks about playing with Bronny, whose dream is also to play in the NBA.

“He has my support and my blueprint. With health and a little bit of luck, that would be the ultimate thing.”

LBJ signed a two-year contract extension with the Lakers that will see him remain in the organization until 2023. The timing is very convenient, as LeBron has said he is happy because he will have options, seeing as that will be the earliest Bronny can play in the NBA. That way, LeBron might have a chance of signing with any team Bronny is on.

While we anticipate the father-son duo in the NBA for the first time in league history, LeBron has taken every opportunity to hype his son. Recently he posted a video of Bronny dunking the ball, captioning the post "scary hours coming soon."

Bronny finished the game with 19 points and four rebounds. As far as college commitments go, he is yet to make any although schools like Duke and Michigan have expressed interest in the youngster.