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LeBron James: "I Was Seeing 3 Rims Out There, So I Just Shot For The Middle One."

LeBron James Says He Was Seeing 3 Rims After Being Poked In The Eye

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers were able to squeeze out a win on Wednesday, booking their ticket to a first-round matchup against the Phoenix Suns.

Naturally, it came with a whole lot of drama.

Aside from a close, hard-fought battle, James took a tumble in the fourth quarter that apparently compromised his vision.

After the victory, LeBron spoke about the experience, admitting that he saw three rims when he took that final, game-icing three-pointer.

“After Draymond’s finger to the eye, I was literally seeing three rims out there. I just shot for the middle one.”

LeBron has had a pretty rough season, and that much is no mystery. The usually healthy and durable star has struggled to stay on the court this year, mostly due to ankle problems that have kept him in and out of the lineup.

Tonight's game saw him take yet another hit -- this time to the head. It apparently messed him up pretty bad, to the point where he was literally seeing double.

Nonetheless, he was able to pull through for his squad in the end and secure his team's victory. For a guy that has been accused of being a clutch-time failure, he sure stepped up tonight in a big way.

Let's see how far he will take them.