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LeBron James Says Lakers Want To Be "A Number One Defensive Team" In The NBA

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

The Los Angeles Lakers picked things right where they left them last season, having good performances this season, becoming the highest-ranked team in the Western Conference. The purple and gold have big expectations for this season, as they want to defend their 2020 championship in a league that will try to dethrone them at any cost.

They are sitting at 8-3 right now, even though they haven't had good games in the last week. However, they know they are on the right track and it's a matter of time before they become the team they want to be. LeBron James recently revealed the biggest goal for them this season and it's very ambitious.

This campaign will bring a lot of challenges for them and LeBron said that defense is the biggest one for them. After a 120-102 win over the Houston Rockets on Sunday night, James explained:

“Our goal is to be a number one defensive team in the league. It’s going to take our film session, it’s going to take our shootarounds, it’s going to take the practice of what we do on the floor and in the games to continue to work on those habits.”

This is a recurrent topic for the Lakers in recent days. Anthony Davis recently said the Lakers' defense was "sh*t" and they had to work a lot to reach the desired level. Bron himself graded the Lakers' start to the season, making it clear that they're good, but they can be a lot better.