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LeBron James Shares Video Comparing Bronny's Dunking Style To Dwyane Wade's

LeBron James Shares Video Comparing Bronny's Dunking Style To Dwyane Wade's

Bronny James has made rounds on social media recently after his good displays in Europe drew a lot of attention from fans, his father, and other NBA stars. Earlier this week, the 17-year-old put a rival on a poster during a contest in Europe, driving to the basket using his left hand only to dunk the basketball with his right one. 

That dunk made a lot of noise around the league, and even though he was criticized by some, there's no doubt that Bronny made an incredible play, showing flashes of what he could do in the NBA in the future. As usual, LeBron James was in awe of his son's talents, having a huge reaction on Twitter. 

He hasn't stopped praising his firstborn and recently took to Instagram to share a video with an interesting comparison involving Bronny. Overtime shared an interesting video saying Bronny's dunking ability is very similar to Dwyane Wade, LeBron's best friend. 

One would have imagined that he would look like his dad, but it seems like Bronny got it from his uncle, and LeBron sharing the video on his Instagram stories appears to be the final approval for this comparison. 

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Bronny keeps getting better, and every week people talk about the possibility of him making it to the league and sharing touches with his dad. With LeBron's recent two-year contract extension with the Lakers, that possibility is bigger for the teenager and his pops. 

James is doing his thing, trying to create a name for himself, and so far, he's doing great. We'll have to wait a couple of years before seeing if he can make it to the association before his dad decides to call it a career.