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LeBron James Shares Brilliant Before And After Photos From Super Bowl Celebration

LeBron James Shares Brilliant Before And After Photos From Super Bowl Celebration

LeBron James hasn't had much cause to celebrate so far this season, the Los Angeles Lakers have been struggling greatly in their quest to win another NBA title with the King on their roster. However, with no game to play last Sunday and the Super Bowl in town, LeBron was able to proverbially let his hair down and have some fun attending the event. It would seem that LBJ had a blast too, he was seen singing along to the half-time show as well as enjoying himself in his box at SoFi Stadium. 

James took to social media after the Super Bowl was over and the home team in the Rams had clinched the victory, sharing pictures of himself before and after the night on Instagram. Bron started the evening with his shades on and his shirt buttoned up before the party seemingly led him to open up his shirt and lose the shades, signs of a thoroughly well-enjoyed evening. 

James suggested, perhaps as a joke, that the Rams could have a joint parade with the Dodgers and the Lakers, who won their respective championships in 2020. This saw him get lambasted by Skip Bayless, someone who rarely misses an opportunity to throw shade at James. In any case, if the pictures from the Super Bowl are any indicator, Bron certainly didn't care much about what anyone else had to say by the end of the night. 

LeBron James has been putting up MVP numbers in what is now his 19th season in the NBA but has been unable to lead the Lakers to a record above .500. Sitting as an abysmal 9th seed in the Western Conference, the Los Angeles side need a major boost if they are to even think about bringing another championship to the city this season and giving LeBron reason to celebrate even more.