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LeBron's Last 5 MLK Day Games Have An Average Losing Margin Of 26

(via Dallas Morning News)

(via Dallas Morning News)

Everybody has bad days. For Lakers superstar LeBron James, they just so happen to fall on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

In yesterday's game against the Boston Celtics, James' Lakers got blown out by 32 points, as Bron scored just 15 points in 29 minutes. This type of performance, for some reason, has become a kind of tradition for the King.

In the last five MLK Day games, the "King" has lost by an average of 26 points.

(via r/Kataneo)

2016 vs GSW: Lost by 34

2017 @ GSW: Lost by 35

2018 vs GSW: Lost by 10

2019 vs GSW: Lost by 19

2020 @ BOS: Lost by 32

It obviously doesn't mean much, but it's an interesting stats nonetheless. Perhaps only one King is allowed to shine on that day?

Really though, perhaps the distraction of the holiday is a little much for him to handle. Plus, MLK Day is in the middle of the season, with the trade deadline close and All-Star break near. It's just that time of the year.

For James, it's just one blemish on what has been an otherwise stellar 18th season. Averaging 25 points, 11 assists, and 7.6 rebounds, he is squarely in the MVP season and is on track to make his 17th straight All-Star team.

Maybe next year, Bron can avoid another MLK Day meltdown.