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Lethal Shooter Has Made Basketball History By Creating The World's Smallest Rim: Regular Size NBA Ball Is 9.5" But Rim Is Only 9.7"

lethal shooter

There are a lot of basketball shooting coaches that love to create challenges for themselves in order to improve their craft. Some of these challenges don't necessarily help with shooting in a basketball game, but there are definitely some that do. Shooting coach Lethal Shooter is someone who likes to test the limits of his powers, and it seems as though he has recently created a challenge that requires the utmost precision when shooting.

On his Instagram page, Lethal Shooter shared that he has created the world's smallest basketball rim. From the video, we can see that there is barely any extra space for the ball to go through the hoop. Lethal Shooter shared that the rim only measured 9.7" in diameter. A regular NBA basketball is already 9.5" in diameter, so the margins for making shots on this particular rim are very small. We then see Lethal Shooter make some shots on this reduced-size rim, which is fairly impressive.

There's no doubt that a smaller rim would require a lot more concentration from the shooter than just shooting on a rim at your local gym. You have to be extremely accurate to make shots with these constraints. It would certainly be interesting to see elite NBA shooters take on this challenge. Players like Stephen Curry or Kevin Durant would likely adapt extremely quickly, simply due to their immense shooting prowess. However, this is a difficult challenge for any non-NBA shooter, and it is certainly amazing to see Lethal Shooter actually be able to make shots, even from long range.

It remains to be seen what the next step for Lethal Shooter is, but we can be sure that he is likely coming up with some new challenges for himself. It's hard to see anything outdo this, but Lethal Shooter will certainly find a new way to test his limits.