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Los Angeles Lakers Acquire Patrick Beverley Via Trade For Talen Horton-Tucker And Stanley Johnson

Los Angeles Lakers Acquire Patrick Beverley Via Trade For Talen Horton-Tucker And Stanley Johnson

The first move in the post-Kevin Durant trade market has been executed as the Los Angeles Lakers have started making moves to bolster their roster. With a trade for Kyrie Irving being off the table, the Lakers have reinforced their guard depth by adding defensive guard Patrick Beverley from the Utah Jazz. They have had to part with young talent in Stanley Johnson and Talen Horton-Tucker to acquire the veteran.

The Lakers need playoff performers on their team, and Beverley has never missed the playoffs in his career. While his fine skills aren't as tuned up as many other guards, he has proven to be a dependable player through the defense and energy he brings to the court. He can make open shots and could be a crucial addition to this Lakers team. 

The Lakers had high hopes for THT when they gave him a 4-year extension after the 2020 Championship. However, it has been hard for the young guard/forward to succeed in high-pressure situations in LA. Johnson was a great addition for them last year and a bright spot for the Lakers. His departure is going to hurt the team's rotation at the wing position.

This would indicate the Lakers are making moves quickly to ensure the available veterans on the trade market aren't acquired by rival teams. They have a thin roster and just traded 2 rotational players for 1, so some more moves should be coming.

Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley sharing a roster after everything that's happened between them is going to be tough, so maybe this indicates that Russ being moved is a growing possibility.

The Jazz can develop two young players on their roster that'll be more conducive to what they need to develop their games fully after playing specific roles on the Lakers around the bigger stars of the teams. Not getting a pick is a little odd, but 2 young players that can be developed seem like compensation enough.