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Lou Williams Says He Prefers The Clippers Over The Lakers: "I Was A Part Of The Culture Change Over There..."

Lou Williams

In the battle for Los Angeles, the Purple and Gold are clearly ahead when it comes to overall success. With 17 championships in franchise history, there is no denying that the Lakers have a lot more to be proud of than the other L.A. team.

For Lou Williams, however, he has a special appreciation for his time with the Clippers and even went so far as to say he prefers his time with them over his tenure with the 17x champs.

"Clippers, that's easy. That's easy for me," Lou said. "I was part of a culture change over there. They gave us an opportunity to kinda build that organization out to our personalities and how we wanted to feel and look. And I think we had a big part in how it looks now. I'm a part of that."

Williams also explained the difference between the two teams.

"The Lakers is the Lakers. The Clippers, until they win about 20 championships, they're going to be looked at as the little brother... LA got different cultures, so it's plenty of room for both teams. It's people that love - The Clippers is the hood." Lou continued, saying, "That's what we embraced about it. [Lakers] is Hollywood, we down the street. And we was cool with that."

In the past, the Clippers have always been something of an afterthought in the NBA. It was Lou Williams and his Clippers squad that started changing things a few years back.

After the collapse of "Lob City," the Clips lacked direction and purpose until their postseason run in 2019. They played inspiring basketball, which helped lure in Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

Today, the Clips are considered a real threat in the West and they are on the verge of finishing construction of their brand new arena in Inglewood. They are finally stepping out of the shadow of their big brother, and Lou Williams was a part of that transition.