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Luka Doncic Believes Draymond Green Is "Key" For Golden State Warriors: "He's Just Unbelievable."

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Draymond Green is one of the best defensive players in the game today. His knowledge of the game on the defensive end is top-notch. There's no doubt that he frustrates a lot of stars when guarding them, and he can often make jaw-dropping defensive plays.

In the Golden State Warriors' series against the Dallas Mavericks, Draymond Green will likely be guarding Luka Doncic a fair amount. Luka Doncic lauded Draymond Green ahead of the matchup, claiming that he's "the key to the Warriors' team, and adding that he "impacts the game in every other category" than scoring. John Healy of Audacy relayed the news.

“Obviously, Klay and Steph are incredible offensive guys, but I think the key to the Warriors’ team is Draymond [Green],” Doncic told reporters on Tuesday. “He’s just unbelievable. I really respect him and everything he does. Obviously, no disrespect, but he’s not the best offensive guy.

“But he impacts the game in every other category, so I really have a lot of respect for his game.”

It’s true Green is not a dominant offensive player, but he does not need to be to make his impact felt.

The Warriors center has impacted games with his defense, rebounding and general aggressiveness — the latter sometimes getting him in trouble. He also is not afraid to get into his opponents’ head.

“That includes trash talk,” Doncic added. “That’s the fun of the game. I love that part.”

Luka Doncic managed to defeat the Phoenix Suns without a co-star, so the Golden State Warriors will have their work cut out for their next series. While Luka Doncic is likely the best player in that series, the Golden State Warriors as a whole are a better team than the Dallas Mavericks.

The duel between Draymond Green and Luka Doncic will definitely be something amazing to watch. Green himself has praised Luka Doncic before, so there's mutual respect between the two. Hopefully, we get to see some good basketball during the series, and we'll see which team comes out on top.