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Luka Doncic On Ja Morant: "He’s An Unbelievable Player, Unbelievable Skills..."

Ja Morant

Nobody expected this type of season from Ja Morant. In just his third year as a pro, he has solidified himself as a true star with averages of 27.6 points and 6.6 assists per game.

Speaking to "The Dallas Morning News" ahead of his game in Los Angeles, Luka Doncic was asked to give his thoughts on Ja, and there is no mistaking just how well he thinks of the Grizzlies point guard.

“I saw the dunk and the last-second buzzer-beater. Amazing,” Doncic told Callie Caplan of the Dallas Morning News. “He’s been playing amazing this season, MVP level. Everybody saw this season what he is, and he’s an unbelievable player, unbelievable skills and so fun to watch.”

Morant has exceeded expectations so far, especially considering how well he's doing when compared to the guy that was drafted over him (Zion Williamson). While it remains to be seen if this level of play is sustainable, he has officially put the world on notice.

"You know who you can call Ja Morant right now, ladies and gentlemen? You can call him Kevin Durant," said Stephen A. Smith. "Why would I bring up Kevin Durant? Like Kevin Durant, Ja Morant was the No. 2 overall pick. Like Kevin Durant, he's going to be the guy that we're talking about. And as The No. 2 overall pick who had a No. 1 overall pick that was perpetually injured, Ja Morant and Kevin Durant's careers are actually mirroring one another to this point in Ja Morant's career because of where they were drafted, who was drafted ahead of them and what they're doing on the court. And that's why I said, when I think of Ja Morant, I also think of Kevin Durant."

Last season, the Grizzlies were eliminated in round 1 of the playoffs after a hard-fought battle to make it out of the play-in.

This season, they're 3rd in the West with a 43-20 record. Morant is a huge part of their current run, but it's just the beginning. The Grizzlies have plenty of challenges and obstacles to face and Ja will have to be at his absolute best if the team is to succeed.