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Marc Stein Reveals That There Were Times James Harden And Kevin Durant Were "Hardly Communicating" While Being Teammates On Nets

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Kevin Durant And James Harden Reportedly Clashed "On Multiple Fronts, Including Their Ideals Of The Team Culture."

Kevin Durant and James Harden have now been teammates on two different NBA teams, the Brooklyn Nets, and the Oklahoma City Thunder. However, it is clear that their partnership didn't work out on the Brooklyn Nets, as James Harden was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers.

There is no question that both teams benefited from the James Harden-Ben Simmons deal. Kevin Durant notably stated that he is "excited" for the Brooklyn Nets, and added that "everybody got what they wanted".

I’m excited for our team, looking forward to finishing the season out with these new group and players. Playoffs right around the corner, we gotta fast track in getting use to each other. But I’m excited. You know, I think everybody got what they wanted.”

It seems as though there was some friction between Kevin Durant and James Harden prior to the latter's departure via trade. It was reported that Harden "clashed with Kevin Durant over multiple things, notably "their ideals of the team's culture".

Sources: In addition to friction between James Harden and Kyrie Irving over Irving's availability, Harden also clashed with Kevin Durant on multiple fronts, including their ideals of the team's culture.

Many in BKN questioned Harden's commitment to the team prior to the trade.

Some more information about their relationship has recently been revealed by NBA insider Marc Stein, who claimed that "there were times" where Kevin Durant and James Harden "were hardly communicating".

League sources say there were times before Durant’s injury that the two stars, for reasons unclear, were hardly communicating.

It is clear that there were definitely tensions in the Brooklyn Nets' locker room prior to James Harden's departure. Hopefully, those tensions have been resolved, as he is now on another team.

It remains to be seen how well the Brooklyn Nets do for the rest of the season. They have now lost 11 games straight. They will certainly be a different team with Ben Simmons and Kevin Durant coming back though, so perhaps we'll see a bounceback for them in the future.