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Steve Nash Isn't Worried About Ben Simmons' Shot: "He Is An Amazing Basketball Player And That's Without Shooting The Ball."

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Ben Simmons has recently been traded to the Brooklyn Nets, and there's no doubt that there are many who are excited to see him play. After all, even if Ben Simmons has his flaws, he is still an All-Star caliber player.

One of the things that people have criticized about Ben Simmons is his lack of a perimeter shot. However, there are definitely a lot of things that Ben Simmons does well on the basketball court such as playmaking and defense.

It seems as though coach Steve Nash isn't particularly worried about Ben Simmons' lack of a jumper. Nash recently claimed that Ben Simmons' shooting is not something that he's "dying to see", and added that Simmons has "incredible potential to affect games with all the other things he does". Notably, this echoes the words of 76ers coach Doc Rivers about Ben Simmons, who compared him to Magic Johnson, who didn't shoot the ball too much. Ben Cotton of Fox Sports relayed the news.

“Ben does a thousand things on the basketball court,” Nash said. “Shooting is not one of them that I’m dying to see. He is an amazing basketball player and that’s without shooting the ball.

“There’s not really a conversation there. If he gets better at shooting, great, but he’s an All-Star basketball player. He has incredible potential to affect games with all the other things he does... to be honest, it’s not a huge concern.”

There is no question that Ben Simmons still impacts the game even if he isn't a top-tier scorer. There's also an argument to be made that the Brooklyn Nets don't need a top-tier scorer as their third option, as they already have Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant on the team.

Hopefully, we see the Brooklyn Nets figure things out in the future. They have lost 11 games in a row, and there's no doubt that they're in a slump right now. Hopefully, Ben Simmons can provide some reinforcements once he does play, and he could definitely be a difference-maker for the team.