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Markieff Morris Appreciates Miami Heat's "Collective" Style: "That’s The Best Team To Be On, When You Don’t Have To Run To The Corner Every Play And Wait For A Guy To Make A Play For You."

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Markieff Morris

Every team has different styles of play. Some teams may prefer to lean heavy on their stars/superstars, asking them to dominate on the offensive end, while asking other players to take smaller roles next to them. Others could prefer a "team basketball" approach, where even role players get their share of opportunities in the offense, and the ball keeps moving around.

It seems as though Markieff Morris prefers the latter of those approaches. When speaking to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Markieff Morris praised the Miami Heat's "collective" style of play, while also adding that he wouldn't have to "run to the corner every play" and wait for somebody to create for him.

I see myself as a guy that I can get back to my old self, just playing the game the right way, not having to look over my shoulder. I feel like we have nobody on the team like just, ‘give him the ball, and then everybody just watch and let them make the play.’ It’s a collective.

We’re going to need everybody to score and rebound and defend every night. And that’s the best team to be on, when you don’t have to run to the corner every play and wait for a guy to make a play for you.”

It makes sense that as a player, one would want to be involved in the offense. Though obviously playing mostly through your stars can be very effective, that isn't a style that all players enjoy. It seems as though Markieff Morris has found a home with the Miami Heat though, and is ready for the upcoming season.

The Miami Heat have made some big moves aside from acquiring Morris, such as acquiring 6-time All-Star Kyle Lowry and re-signing sharpshooter Duncan Robinson. They look ready for the next season, and Jimmy Butler's already stated that the team "can't wait to get to work". The Miami Heat were in the 2020 Finals but did not perform up to that standard this season. Perhaps they'll be able to make their return to the Finals during the 2021-22 season.