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Jimmy Butler On Miami Heat Next Season: "I'm Excited To Get Started. We Can't Wait To Get To Work."

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Jimmy Butler

The playoffs did not go as hoped for the Miami Heat. Only one season after making the NBA Finals during the Orlando bubble, the Miami Heat were swept by the current champions, the Milwaukee Bucks. It seems as though the team as a whole underperformed, and many thought that the Bucks-Heat series would be more competitive.

However, the Miami Heat have had a solid offseason. They have retained Victor Oladipo on a veteran minimum contract, and have acquired Kyle Lowry from the Toronto Raptors. They have also given a new lucrative deal to sharpshooter Duncan Robinson, and on paper, the team is absolutely loaded with talent. It definitely looks as though the Miami Heat are gearing up for another run at the championship with Jimmy Butler as their superstar.

There's no doubt that this offseason had a lot of exciting events for the Miami Heat, and it certainly looks as though he's ready for next season. Heat Nation has recently relayed Jimmy Butler's words, where he states he can't wait to get started next season.

The Miami Heat will definitely have some work to do to improve from where they were in the playoffs, but under Jimmy Butler's leadership, it should be a good next season for them. Kyle Lowry's championship experience is also an underrated factor, and he gives the team another locker room leader that knows what it takes to win at the highest level. This Miami Heat team is a veteran team interspersed with some solid young talent, and it's easy to see a scenario where they could get far in the playoffs. 

It remains to be seen how the season will turn out for the Miami Heat, but it definitely looks as though Jimmy Butler is excited. Hopefully, they are able to move in the right direction, and potentially make the NBA Finals once again.