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Max Kellerman: "Planet Earth Wanted To Be Like Mike. But No One Actually Had The Nerve To Try Like Kobe."

(via Sport.ONE)

(via Sport.ONE)

Everybody has their own way of remembering Kobe. For ESPN's Max Kellerman, his way of putting it seems accurate in summing up everyone's view of the 5x NBA Champion. Here is what the esteemed sports analyst said about Kobe Bean Bryant on First Take:

Kobe had the guts to do what nobody else could: take on the cowl of Jordan. Though he was never able to pass him as the GOAT (in many people's minds), a large part of his game was inspired by Jordan himself.

It goes much deeper than that, though. The hunger, the drive, the will-power, the swagger. He took on the challenge of being the greatest of his time in a way nobody else has.

And through 20 years in the NBA, with 5 Championships, an MVP, and 18 All-Star appearances, one could make the case that nobody has come closer to Jordan since.

In the wake of his passing, many remember that drive more than anything else. He was a fearless competitor who didn't back down from any challenge. And in a world full of people trying to be like Mike, Max is exactly right in saying only Kobe has really ever had the guts to try.