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Max Kellerman Says That James Harden Is Better Than Russell Westbrook

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(via Basketball Society)

(via Basketball Society)

Russell Westbrook has recently become the NBA's leader in all-time triple-doubles, an insane feat, even for a talented superstar like himself. While there are many players who are capable of getting a triple-double on a given night, there is no one who does it as consistently as Russell Westbrook. Westbrook is undoubtedly an extremely talented superstar.

One of the triple-double masters in the game is James Harden. James Harden is a versatile player who can modify his playstyle to fit his role, and this season on the Brooklyn Nets, he has shown his value as a playmaker, taking a lesser scoring role and focusing on setting up his teammates. Analyst Kendrick Perkins has recently shared his top 5 point guard list of all-time, which includes Russell Westbrook at the No. 4 position. Max Kellerman reacted to that list and suggested that James Harden is better than Russell Westbrook.

Max Kellerman: You want to say Westbrook fits in with the other great point guards who never won a championship... AI, Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, Chris Paul... where they rank next to each other, you can make arguments on either side of that. I'm saying there are some dudes you're going to lose the argument to, like James Harden. My whole issue with James Harden is that he hasn't come through deep in the playoffs, but neither has Westbrook. And year in and year out, Harden is a more valuable player... How do you have James Harden off your list?

Kendrick Perkins: When James Harden's career is over with, he is not going to go down as a point guard... he is going to be known as a shooting guard. That is James Harden's position: he is a shooting guard who can make plays for others... he only played point guard two years of his career Max.

While there is a lot of value in what Russell Westbrook is doing on the court, Max Kellerman thinks that James Harden is better. Whether or not that is true, classifying James Harden as a point guard seems inaccurate. He has been a shooting guard for the majority of his career, as Kendrick Perkins mentions. At the end of the day, both players are future Hall of Famers, and both can impact the game at an extremely high level when they rack up their stats. They are both greats at their positions, and which player one prefers is purely subjective.