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Metta World Peace Says He Would Like To Coach The Boston Celtics

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

The Boston Celtics have a key offseason ahead of them. With Danny Ainge out of the picture and Brad Stevens set to take over the basketball operations, the need for a new coach is obvious.

There will be plenty of candidates interested in coaching such a historically great franchise such as the Boston Celtics, but Stevens should take his time before rushing into a decision.

However, should he get a chance, it seems like there's already one person sending out his résumé, as Metta World Peace recently said that he would love to be the next coach of the team:

"I would totally head coach for the @Celtics if their was an opportunity. But whoever gets the job , much success to you," the former Lakers forward tweeted.

While Metta's coaching background isn't as sound as you'd expect, a recent report claims that the Celtics are looking to hire a black coach, so, who knows? He might as well get his chance:

"There is a sense around the league that hiring a head coaching candidate who is Black will be a top priority for this position," reported Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report.

It's not a secret that the Celtics have been tied with racial incidents throughout their history. From the Bill Russell days to current players like Marcus Smart and Kyrie Irving shedding light on the subject, that's an unfortunate association other people tend to make when talking about Celtics fans.

There are plenty of qualified black coaches out there that could do a great job of leading the franchise going forward. Hopefully, they'll make the right choice based on his qualifications.

As for Metta World Peace, chances are that he'll have to wait and earn his stripes as a coach before aspiring at such a big job right now.