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Michael Jordan And Stephen Curry Spotted Having A Chat At Ryder Cup

Michael Jordan And Stephen Curry Spotted Having A Chat At Ryder Cup

Watching Michael Jordan and Stephen Curry together is a dream for a lot of NBA fans. It's not common to see two of the most influential players of all time sharing a moment, so whenever they're seen in public, fans really enjoy it. 

These two caught a lot of attention when one fan spotted them having a conversation during the prestigious Ryder Cup 2021, sparking a lot of speculation on what they could be talking about. 

Normally, they're the ones playing golf, but they were part of the public that watched the first day of the Ryder Cup on Friday. Moreover, Steph was there working after striking a deal with NBC to cover the tournament. 

Plenty of fans speculated about what the Chef and His Airness could be discussing, but this can be a regular interview, focused more on golf than basketball, the primary sport of these two. 

Anyway, watching Curry and Jordan together will always be special for fans, and this time wasn't the exception. They are two of the greatest and most honored players in NBA history. 

MJ is trying to make his Charlotte Hornets as successful as his 90s Chicago Bulls were, struggling to create a competitive team in an executive role. On the other hand, Curry will try to take the Golden State Warriors back to the top this upcoming season after two disappointing years.

This might not be the last time we see Steph and Mike on the golf course. Rumors suggest they could be the next guests of charity event 'The Match,' which features Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods.