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Michael Jordan Attends Derek Jeter's Hall Of Fame Induction: "Man That's A Lot Of Star Power Right There"

Michael Jordan Attends Derek Jeter's Hall Of Fame Induction: "Man That's A Lot Of Star Power Right There"

The day has finally arrived, and New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter is now inducted into the Hall of Fame. Jeter had an illustrious career and dominated the 90s. He won five world series in his career along with being a member of the 3000 hit club. 

Furthermore, he earned 14 MLB All-Star selections and we can go on and on about his career. Jeter's induction to the Hall of Fame featured many former athletes watching the ceremony.

Among them, basketball legends Michael Jordan and Patrick Ewing were part of the crowd as well. Just like Jeter, Jordan and Ewing have had amazing careers in their respective sports.

They also dominated the 90s era and will forever be remembered as two of the greatest players that the league has seen. Since they were present at Jeter's HoF induction ceremony, fans were quick to react on Twitter about seeing them.

It's no surprise that fans loved seeing a legend of basketball paying his respects to a legend of baseball. 

While most fans loved this sight, a few were not that happy to see them. They took out their frustration out on Twitter as well.

Michael Jordan's connection to baseball is quite old. When he announced his first retirement from the NBA, he played minor league baseball for a while. Although MJ is arguably the greatest basketball player in the history of the league, he couldn't achieve similar success in baseball.

Jordan soon returned to the NBA soon and then continued to dominate the league. In total,  MJ won six NBA championships while never losing a finals series.

After Jordan's career ended in the NBA, he is still connected to the league. He owns the Charlotte Hornets. However, as great as Mike was during his playing days, he has failed to replicate the same success as an owner.

The Charlotte Hornets have consistently struggled to even make it to the postseason. Hopefully, this will change in the next few seasons. The roster is improving, with LaMelo Ball being the centerpiece.

If you missed Derek Jeter's Hall Of Fame speech, you can watch it down here: