Michael Jordan In His Prime Played Against Charlie Sheen And His Father 2-On-1


As the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan faced many great rivals during his career. He went against NBA legends, monsters from the space, and more. 

Moreover, rare footage of MJ involves two controversial actors, Martin and Charlie Sheen. Back in 1987, with Michael established as one of the best players in the NBA, the Sheens challenged His Airness to a series of contests in a crowded gym. 

Via Basketball Mecca:

MJ going up against Charlie Sheen and his father Martin in 1987. There were 3 challenges.

1. Free throws. Each opponent shoots a total of 20 free throws. Difference is, Jordan has to shoot his with his eyes closed. Final count: MJ drained 11 while the Sheen Machine got 12.

2. Horse. MJ won easily.

3. Two vs One game to 10 but the Sheen Machine start with 5 points and Mike only has one shot at the basket. Watch the clip for results.

In the end, Jordan lost the 2-on-1 game 12-11, taking things personally and trying everything to beat the Sheens. MJ showed all his talents to defeat the father-son duo, getting really close to it. 

NBA fans couldn't believe what they saw in the video. 

charlie sheen got game man!

Sheens had better fundamentals than a lot of NBA players today. Those free throw consistency... damn

you know you're out of this world when people call you "one of the greatest basketball players that ever lived" at the ridiculous age of 24. he was even 4 years away from winning his first nba title at this time.

damn charlie sheen shoots those free throws better than some nba players

I'm pretty sure he coulda dunked on/over them whenever he wanted

"You're one of the greatest basketball players who ever lived. . ." AT AGE 24!!!!

Jordan with his eyes closed shoots better than Shaq at the free throw line.

Cannot believe that Charlie was one hell of a shooter. Really impressive!

This is rare as h*ll!

Anyone else kind of shocked at how good Charlie Sheen's shooting was?

This video captures the decade perfectly 

They need to incorporate something like this during one of these All Star breaks. Let these All Pro guys compete with amateurs just for shits and giggles. I thought this was kind of cool

This is classic. Loved every moment. late 80s videography at its finest.

This is definitely a great clip to watch. You have Michael Jordan doing his thing against two men who could play, with Charlie even showing his good shooting form. Imagine if players and celebrities do this nowadays. That could be a great addition to the All-Star Weekend.