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Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, And Jerry West Are The Only Players To Lead The NBA In Scoring And Make The All-Defensive Team In The Same Season


Leading the NBA in scoring is no easy feat. The league has always had some of the most gifted scorers in the history of the game across multiple eras. Leading the NBA by scoring a high number of points on a nightly basis is absolutely something worth being proud of.

On top of that, defending is considered by many to be a lost art. Players who lock in and focus on the defensive end of the game are often given a lot of respect. While it may not be the thing that attracts a lot of eyeballs to the game, defense is a crucial part of the game, and those who master it should be held in high regard. 

But what about players who are able to do both? Few players have been able to be high-scorers in the league while also being excellent defenders. In fact, only three players in the history of the NBA have led the league in scoring and made an NBA All-Defensive Team.

Michael Jordan was able to do this a historic 9 times throughout his career. Kobe Bryant did it twice, and Jerry West did it once in his career. In fact, Kobe and Jerry West combined were able to achieve this feat 1/3rd the amount that Michael Jordan was throughout his career.

Jordan and Kobe are considered two of the most skilled scorers in the history of the NBA. But on top of that, they were also spectacular defenders in their own right. As for Jerry West, he is considered one of the most important players in the history of the league and his silhouette is still the logo of the NBA to this day.

Jordan has made history with the scoring title, winning it 10 times between 1986 to 1988. In fact, he is the oldest player in the history of the league to win the title, leading the NBA in scoring at the age of 35.

These three players have etched their names in history by achieving this historic feat. And as of now, no other NBA player has been able to match or surpass them. Whether they will remain on top of the mountain with this achievement remains to be seen.