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Michael Jordan On Jerry Krause Being Invited To His Hall Of Fame Induction: "I Don't Know Who Invited Him, I Didn't."

Michael Jordan On Jerry Krause Being Invited To His Hall Of Fame Induction: "I Don't Know Who Invited Him, I Didn't."

During his career, NBA legend Michael Jordan never had an issue in making his feelings known. He has many infamous stories about trash-talking and later on destroying his opponents.

So it goes without saying that MJ made quite a few enemies throughout his career. Despite that, he never failed to showcase his amazing talent and of course, won trophies for the Chicago Bulls. He won six NBA Championships with the Bulls and had a stunning 6-0 record in the NBA Finals.

Many fans learned about the hardships that Jordan went through to win those titles in the popular documentary "The Last Dance." In the same docuseries, fans also learned that Mike hated the Chicago Bulls general manager Jerry Krause. Krause was one of the key people involved in putting together the sensational Bulls teams.

While Krause deserves credit for his efforts, the former Bulls GM wasn't satisfied with it. At times, he wanted sole credit for the success of the Chicago Bulls dynasty. Knowing the nature of Michael Jordan, it is quite understandable that this didn't sit well with him.

Moreover, even before this, Krause got on the wrong side of Mike years back. When MJ was injured during his Sophomore year, he wanted to battle the pain and play. Krause was one of the only few who were against this decision. It helped MJ in properly recovering and having a sensational career, but it was more than enough for Mike to dislike Jerry.

Krause did clear some air about it in his memoir and revealed how the conversation actually went between him and MJ.

Via Bleacher Report:

"Now comes the disputed statement. I remember saying, 'Michael, you are a player, not a medical doctor. I have to do what's right for the team and as a result I'm not going to let you play.' Michael has told people who were not at the meeting that I told him he was an employee of the franchise and as a result would do what the franchise told him to do or else. He says he knew that moment that loyalty in the NBA between teams and players was non-existent and it changed his outlook on the game and on me. 

"Now do you think I'm dumb enough, in front of the owner and within the ears of prominent medical people from all over the nation, to tell a young star that he was an 'employee?' I don't think so."

Jumping to 2009, Mike was all set to get inducted into the Basketball of Hall of Fame. Even when he was giving his speech, he didn't fail to troll Krause. The former Bulls GM wasn't present at the ceremony and Jordan made sure to use the opportunity.

"I don't know who invited him, I didn't."

(starts at 11:46)

Now that's one way to call out Jerry Krause in front of a huge crowd. Although MJ said that he didn't invite him to the ceremony, in reality, Krause boycotted the ceremony.

This was not the first time that MJ openly criticized Krause as there is a famous instance when His Airness trolled Krause about taking some pills for being short. The relationship between the two was full of back and forth jabs as Krause once told Ron Artest to win 7 NBA Championships, only to destroy Michael Jordan's 6 titles.

At the end of the day, the two might not have been as successful as they were in their careers, without each other.