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Michael Jordan On Studying His Opponents While On 1992 Dream Team: "I Never Underestimate Anyone."

(via Men's Journal)

(via Men's Journal)

The 1995-96 Chicag0 Bulls may be considered the greatest team in NBA history, but the 1992 Dream Team may be the best in the history of sports. Composed of All-Time greats like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, Scottie Pippen, and (of course) Michael Jordan, the world hasn't seen a team like it since -- and probably never will again.

They were so dominant that minimal preparation was necessary, with most of the players on that roster not even bothering to study the opposition. That is, everyone except Michael Jordan, who insisted on watching film so that he "didn't underestimate" his competition.


Michael Jordan was the only player on the 1992 Dream Team that studied the opposition before games. When asked why he was watching Angola on tape, he replied "I always take my opponent seriously. I never underestimate anyone."

This is the type of mentality that made MJ so special. He always worked the hardest and never underestimated his opponents.

He was relentless and ruthless and did whatever it took to absolutely crush his competition. Even on a team as good as that '92 squad, he never quit.

Of course, we know all that he accomplished in his NBA career. The Championships, the accolades. the reputation -- it was all a result of his insane work ethic. When "The Last Dance" premiers tomorrow, we'll have a first-hand look into just how special the guy was.