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Michael Jordan On Taking 'The Last Shot' Over Bryon Russell: "I Would Have Taken That Shot With Five People On Me"

Michael Jordan On Taking 'The Shot' Over Bryon Russell: "I Would Have Taken That Shot With Five People On Me"

Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls dominated the league during the 90s. The MJ-led squad won six NBA championships and were undefeated in the NBA Finals. While the whole team was amazing, the spearhead was without a doubt Jordan.

After struggling to make a deep playoff run in the 80s against the likes of the Detroit Pistons, Jordan made it his life mission to overcome that hurdle and leave an amazing legacy behind when he retired. Well, since Mike is considered as the Greatest Of All Time by most, it's fair to assume he did that.

The dominance of the Bulls capped off in 1998 when MJ won the sixth ring of his career and completed the second three-peat of his career. He did it in extravagant style, hitting a late-game winner over Bryon Russell in the 1998 NBA Finals. The iconic shot still remains fresh in most fans' hearts and even the younger generation is aware of its importance. 

What if MJ missed it? It might have become a big stain on his NBA legacy. Despite the big stakes, 'His Airness' revealed he never had a moment's doubt while attempting 'The Last Shot'. He never even considered passing the ball to his teammates.

Via Jack M Silverstein.

"I had no intention of passing the ball under any circumstances. I figured I stole the ball and it was my opportunity to win or lose the game. I would have taken that shot with five people on me. I stopped, pulled up, and had an easy jump shot. Ironically, I have problems going to my right for a stop, pull-up jumper because I have a tendency to come up short. I normally fade a little. But on this shot, I didn’t want to fade because all my jump shots had been short. Think about that."

Jordan's unwavering confidence in his ability is one of the biggest reasons why fans love him. Like MJ mentioned he sank the shot and gave the Bulls an 87-86 lead with 5 seconds left on the clock.

The result? Jordan became a six-time NBA champion and ended his stint with the Chicago Bulls as the best-ever basketball player in the eyes of most fans.