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Michael Jordan Once Attended A Def Jam Party And Refused To Talk To Any Rapper Other Than Jay-Z

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Michael Jordan is not a fan of Rap, apparently. The Chicago Bulls legend, contrary to the big majority of NBA players, doesn't like the sound of the streets or at least have a specific type of rapper he likes to listen to.

Back in 2016, veteran rapper N.O.R.E. revealed during an interview what Jordan thinks about Rap and rappers. N.O.R.E explained that Jordan attended a Def Jam Christmas holiday party hosted by Mariah Carey.

When Redman and Method Man, two members of the iconic 'Wu-Tang Clan' asked to meet him, he instead j "F**k rap," with N.O.R.E. witnessing everything first hand. After that interview saw the light and people learned about those claims, his representatives stated MJ "wasn't at this party, doesn't know N.O.R.E., and is a fan of ALL music."

It would be shocking to see a player like Jordan, whose name has been on plenty of rap songs, say that about this type of music. However, N.O.R.E counterattacked and revealed picks of MJ walking with Jay-Z outside a party to make his case.

Jordan is a unique man. He's not like the rest of NBA players and apparently doesn't share the same taste in music as the current NBA stars. Still, it's odd to see one player who doesn't like at least one Rap song. Well, Jordan is the exception to that rule.