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Michael Jordan Trash Talked His Teammate Bryon Russell When They Were Playing Together For The Wizards

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(via Online Gambling)

Michael Jordan attacked anyone who stood in his way and, oftentimes, that included Bryon Russell, a 13-year NBA veteran who routinely crossed paths with Mike during his days in Utah.

Unfortunately for Russell, he was often caught on the wrong end of Jordan's most miraculous plays and it led to some pretty serious trash talk -- trash talk that continued even when Jordan and Russell became teammates in 2002.

On "Inside Buzz," former player Brendan Haywood recalled one particular comment by MJ towards Bryon.

“Man, stop trying to guard me. You’re known as the ‘Human Highlight Film,’ not because of your own, but because you’re always in mine.”

Michael Jordan was a fearless leader, ruthless competitor, and brilliant basketball player. But for all the things he's known for, being a "nice guy" isn't really one of them.

He wasn't afraid to trash talk and treated his competitors as enemies. As for his teammates, he often used "tough love" techniques in the locker room to bring out the best in his squad both on and off the court.

Whether his chat with Byron was just another way to challenge him or if it was a callback to their past, their history isn't something that will ever be forgotten.