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Michael Jordan's Agent, David Falk: "If You Are Not Legally Blind And You Watch This Documentary And Don't Realize Jordan Is The Greatest Player Of All Time, You Should Probably Start Watching Roller Derby."



"The Last Dance" documentary has been a truly eye=opening experience for anyone who's been lucky enough to watch it. After years of debating, talking, and arguing over the GOAT conversation, it seems this doc helped close the case for a lot of fans out there.

For the first time since the 90s, we're getting an in-depth glimpse into Jordan, the Bulls, and their miraculous run during one the NBA's greatest eras.

Το the people that continue to resist, MJ's agent David Falk delivered a particularly harsh message:

Of course, people still have their doubts. Guys like Kendrick Perkins, Channing Frye, and Shannon Sharpe don't seem to be budging on their opinion anytime soon. And why should they?

LeBron James has accomplished a lot and has surpassed Jordan on quite a bit. He's scored more points, been to more Finals, and has been selected to more All-Star teams.

Of course, the biggest disparity between James and Michael might be their mental approach to the game. While LeBron is friendly, calm, and easy-going, Mike was a killer and assassin on the court who used tough love to motivate and inspire his team.

It's one of the things we're seeing in "The Last Dance," and it's something that cannot be denied. Their leadership and attitude about the game, in general, are vastly different. For many, including David Falk, that's just one of a few glaring signs that Jordan is the true GOAT.

But what do you think?