Movie Critics Slam Space Jam: A New Legacy

Movie Critics Slam Space Jam- A New Legacy

When news broke that LeBron James would be starring in Space Jam 2, the anticipation from the fans reached insane levels, and LeBron's legacy took on new heights as he entered a new chapter of his life.

But now that the film is finally out, we're all asking the same question: is it any good?

Plenty of fans have found enjoyment, and there is no doubt that all the people who worked on the movie deserve credit and praise for all their hard work. 

Most of the critics, unfortunately, don't seem as satisfied with the finished product, with "A New Legacy" scoring in at just 43% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The New York Times: “Several jokes actually stick. But the purposeful sensory overload mostly yields head-spinning stupefaction, leaving a viewer feeling like Wile E. Coyote after hitting a mesa wall.”

Chicago-Sun Times: “I’ve never seen anything like it. I also hope to never see anything like it again, and I wish I could unsee what I HAVE seen.”

The Atlantic: “Space Jam: A New Legacy feels like a preview of a more terrifying, siloed future, one in which having an encyclopedic media library is more important than enjoying the work right in front of you.”

The Hollywood Reporter: “To whom this is meant to appeal is anyone’s guess, except presumably the studio’s marketing department.”

Polygon: Space Jam: A New Legacy is only really satisfying to people who care about marketing and company profits, people who approach it as a product that's successfully been sold.

Tribune News: An upcycled Frankenstein's monster of intellectual property spraying a stew of Easter eggs and Halloween costumes at the viewer, praying that something sticks.

So, it seems that the movie isn't a hit with everyone. But for basketball fans who just want a little fun, it seems like the perfect ride.

Regardless, Space Jam: A New Legacy will go down in history, and LeBron's place at center stage has elevated his fame to new heights.