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Muggsy Bogues Says Michael Jordan Was Better Actor Than LeBron James, Space Jam 1 Is Better Movie Than Space Jam 2

Muggsy Bogues Says Michael Jordan Was Better Actor Than LeBron James, Space Jam 1 Is Better Movie Than Space Jam 2

The NBA might have seen multiple star talents, but only some of them have been fortunate enough to be the face of the league. Be it Magic Johnson and Larry Bird in the 80s or Kobe Bryant in the 2000s, the list is pretty short.

But two names among these stars have become global icons, LeBron James and Michael Jordan. Arguably, they are two of the best players to ever play the game of basketball. LBJ and MJ have always been in the spotlight for all the good reasons. Be it advertisements or the numerous debates in the media, James and Jordan are often at the center of it.

Ever since LeBron made his debut in the league, he has constantly been compared to Michael Jordan. Seen as the heir to the throne, the comparisons of how both of them play or who is the better overall player are widespread. So it was fitting that LBJ was the one who headed the reboot version of the 1990s classic Space Jam, which featured Jordan.

Featuring LeBron as the star of the movie, Space Jam 2 had a decent enough performance at the box office. Recently, HoopsHype conducted an interview with Charlotte Hornets' legend Muggsy Bogues. Promoting his autobiography 'Muggsy: My Life From A Kid In The Projects To The Godfather Of Small Ball', the legendary guard spoke about a variety of things in the interview.

Among the multitude of things was Space Jam 2, as well. Bogues, who did make an appearance in the first iteration of the movie featuring Michael Jordan, spoke about what he thought of the second iteration. 

I think LeBron did a really good job, but I always would take Space Jam 1. We had more people involved and I think we saved the planet more, so he saved his son in a digital world [laughs]. 

Bogues went on to speak about who he thought was the better actor between Jordan and LeBron and also revealed who he thinks will be the main lead for Space Jam Part 3.

MJ. He did a good job, doing this thing and working with those Looney Tunes as well as everybody else, so yeah, I’m always going with Space Jam over Space Jam 2... Probably Giannis Antetokounmpo. He’s becoming that guy.

Regardless of what someone may think, both the movies have found their own niche and will go down in history as the movies which truly starred two NBA superstars.