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NBA Analyst Hilariously Responds To Halle Berry: 'Tell Me Something I Don’t Know.'

Credit: Halle Berry

Credit: Halle Berry

Kevin O'Connor is a very good NBA analyst, very serious at his job but he's also known for making hilarious comments on social media, mostly regarding NBA-related topics. O'Connor, just like the rest of us, shoots his shot with celebrities and he found a very curious way to send a message to actress Halle Berry.

The Hollywood star shared a very suggestive pic on Twitter, asking his followers to tell her something she didn't know and that's when O'Connor made his appearance. The Ringer's talent brought up Aaron Gordon and how well he's playing after joining the Denver Nuggets at the 2021 trade deadline. Curiously, Gordon isn't having the same touches he had with the Orlando Magic but he's playing more efficiently than before.

Aaron Gordon in Orlando:
64 touches per game
3.4 dribbles per touch
0.9 points per chance

Aaron Gordon in Denver:
32 touches per game
1.2 dribbles per touch
1.2 points per chance

Dribbling and touching the ball half the time, per
@SecondSpectrum. But playing better than ever.

This is very interesting to know and truth be told, Gordon has admitted he's getting easier buckets every night. He reportedly tells his teammates that his buckets with the Nuggets are the easiest he's gotten in his career. He was a great addition for Denver, as they continue to play well in the Western Conference after a rocky start to the season.