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NBA Analyst Lauds Brooklyn Nets For Getting Paul Millsap: "This Is A Big Time Get For The Nets' Bench."

(via BSN Denver)

(via BSN Denver)

The Brooklyn Nets may not have reached the NBA Finals last season, but they will surely do everything in their power to make sure that doesn't happen again. They have recently acquired two former All-Stars as their depth options, with one of them being Paul Millsap.

While Paul Millsap isn't necessarily the player he was in Atlanta, or even during his earlier years with the Denver Nuggets, he can still be a great two-way player who contributes a little bit on both ends.

Rick Kamla and Antonio Daniels of SiriusXM NBA Radio lauded the Nets' acquisition of Paul Millsap and stated that he is a "big-time get" for the Brooklyn Nets as a bench option. There's no doubt that the Nets were a great destination for Millsap, who is an older veteran likely in search of his first championship.

Rick Kamla: He can still play. So don't think, roll your eyes "Oh he's 35. Another old guy going to a championship contender. He ain't gonna bring nothing". No. He may be old by "NBA Standards" but he's not "too old" to be effective. He can still play. This is a big-time get for the Nets' bench.

Antonio Daniels: It really does make sense for the Nets. When we broke this down a while back, I told you that if I'm Paul Millsap, that's where I'm going. The resume is there, the skill set is there. But now what you're doing is cutting back on his minutes, which is great. You're putting him alongside three best one-on-one players in the league, in the prime of their careers. Do you know the looks he's gonna get?

There's no doubt that playing next to three stars such as Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving will make things a lot easier for Paul Millsap, and he will shine in a smaller role on the Brooklyn Nets.