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NBA Community Reacts To Jonathan Isaac's Scary No-Contact Knee Injury

Jonathan Isaac Left Game In Wheelchair After Brutal Fall

Orlando Magic youngster Jonathan Isaac recently made headlines for his bold decision not to kneel for the national anthem. He is among a very small number of people who have elected not to participate in the recent BLM protests going on in the NBA.

But, unfortunately for Isaac, he is making headlines for an entirely different story today -- his concerning injury during Sunday's game against the Sacramento Kings. It happened late in the game and resulted in him being sent out in a wheelchair.

The community was sent ablaze with reactions, some of which called it karma and many of which emplored people not to use his stance about the national anthem as an excuse to cheer for his injury.

Needless to say, Isaac has captured the attention of a lot of folks in the community. He was one of the only people to stand for the anthem and it put him in the national spotlight.

Whatever your opinion of him, it's never good to see another young player suffer an injury -- especially one that looks so serious.

Let's hope for some good news.