NBA Fan Hilariously Trolls Nick Young, Calls Him D'Angelo Russell

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Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Nick Young has been a victim of trolls during a recent visit to the supermarket. The former Los Angeles Lakers player was mistaken by a fan, who trolled him by calling him "D'Angelo Russell", the worst name you can say to Young. In one hilarious prank, this fan ran into Young and he had nothing better (or worse) to say than D'Angelo Russell's name.

In case you don't know, Young and Russell used to be very good friends but everything changed when the now Minnesota Timberwolves player shared a video where Young admitted to cheating on his then girlfriend, rapper Iggy Azalea. The video went viral and destroyed Young's relationship with the Australian rapper.

That moment changed or ended the relationship between Russell and Young. The young player was isolated by teammates and Magic Johnson had no more remedy than send him to Brooklyn, where he became an All-Star.

Flash forward, we found Young in the supermarket when somebody approached him and actually called him D'Angelo Russell. "Swaggy P" handled things very well, even laughing with the man. It was a pretty funny exchange and NBA fans had something to say about it, too.

It's impossible not to remember when Rajon Rondo was mistaken by Chris Paul, one of the funniest pranks the NBA has seen in recent history.

Rondo wasn't as cool as Young, and he was visibly upset with the man joking with him, but Swaggy P was different, as he even saluted this person.