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NBA Fan Posts A Clip Of 2 Minutes Of Michael Jordan Doing The Most Insane Layups, Dunks, And Moves

NBA Fan Posts A Clip Of 2 Minutes Of Michael Jordan Doing The Most Insane Layups, Dunks, And Moves

Michael 'Air' Jordan enthralled the world with his scintillating play. The 'Air' came with a reason and the credit for it goes to his agent David Falk, who conjured up the name that later saw an entire sneaker line rolled out by Nike.

Clutch, double-clutch, layups, floating, and dunking — these were just some of what Jordan did in his illustrious career, and in what makes for good viewing, one of the fans took to Twitter to post a montage of Jordan's ridiculously amazing shots.

Titled "2 minutes of MJ doing the most insane sh** ever," the clip showcases some of his choice plays over the years. You can watch the video below:

Debate raged in the comments section about how he was one of the more athletic players during his time. While the modern-day stars have brought a new dimension when it comes to physicality, size, and skill, Jordan can rightly be regarded as one of the best-ever players to play the sport.

Reggie Miller Relives How The Indiana Pacers Made Michael Jordan Double Clutch On A Shot And That Almost Went Through in 'The Last Dance'

Regarded as one of the greatest clutch playoff performers in the 90s, Indiana Pacers star Reggie Miller, talking on 'The Last Dance', remembered how the side made things tough for Michael Jordan in 1998, but he still almost took his team to victory.

In what was a memorable Game 4 of the 1998 Eastern Conference Finals, Jordan took a shot with 0.7 seconds left on the clock and the Bulls' star released the ball, just for it to spin out. Miller felt it was one of those 3's that would make its way in.

"I remember being underneath the basket as the ball is coming. And I'm looking, I'm like this is going in. I mean millimeters. Millimeters in and out. And we made him double clutch on that shot and he still almost made it."

The miss meant, the series was tied 2-2, and the Bulls had to beat them 4-3 with the series going into a Game 7. Miller's comments just add to the skill and athleticism that Jordan bought to the table, playing a huge role in Chicago's successful run during his time with the Bulls.