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NBA Fan Proves Skip Bayless Posts Twice As Much About LeBron James Than Savannah And Bronny Combined

NBA Fan Proves Skip Bayless Posts Twice As Much About LeBron James Than Savannah And Bronny Combined

No man has been as consistent in criticizing LeBron James over the last few years as Skip Bayless. One half of 'Undisputed', Bayless has built much of his career over his often harsh criticism of 'The King'.

Many fans are in agreement that ESPN's popular morning show 'First Take' was built off the back of Bayless and Stephen A. Smith going back and forth over LeBron James. The show became extremely successful, especially after James made the move from Cleveland to Miami.

In 2016, Bayless walked away from ESPN to join Fox Sports, starting a new show alongside Pro Football Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe called 'Undisputed'. With Skip being the renowned LeBron critic, Sharpe plays the role of LeBron superfan, often calling him 'GOAT James'.

Since joining Fox, Bayless has doubled down on his focus and criticism of LeBron. Oftentimes, the show will debate and dissect everything LeBron does, whether it be a social media post or even a public appearance that has nothing to do with him on the court.

After one fan's research, Bayless cannot deny that he is obsessed with LeBron James. Reddit user u/Lagooooooon posted his findings on r/NBA, which showed that Bayless posted about LeBron James on social media twice as much as LeBron's wife Savannah and son Bronny combined.

Over the past month, Skip Bayless has made:

11 posts about Lebron James

  • 22 total posts
  • Meaning, 50% of his posts have been directly related to Lebron James

Over that number of posts, Savannah James has:

  • 22 total posts
  • 5 posts about her husband, Lebron James
  • This comes out to just 23% of her last 22 posts being about Lebron James.

Added bonus, Bronny James:

  • 12 total posts
  • 0 posts about his father Lebron James

Bayless posted 22 times on social media this past month, of which 11 of his posts were about LeBron James. That would mean half of Skip's posts were about LeBron. Whereas, Savannah also posted 22 times on social media, but only 5 of those posts were about LeBron.

As for Bronny, he posted 12 times over the last month, and not one of his posts was about his father. That means that Skip posts more than twice as much about LeBron compared to James' wife, and infinite times more than LeBron's son.

The constant focus on LeBron has led fans to claim that Bayless is a massive hater who is obsessed with LeBron James. Bayless has denied hating James in the past, saying he just doesn't think he is the best ever.

Bayless' poor reaction to James dates back to LeBron's entry into the league. And as Bayless got more of a showcase and spotlight on ESPN, his criticisms only grew harsher. Since then, Bayless has made a lucrative career of bashing LeBron James, one that continues to this day.