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NBA Fan Rips Danny Green After He Goes 0-7 From Three

(via Sixers Wire - USA Today)

(via Sixers Wire - USA Today)

Following their third straight loss, the Philadelphia 76ers could be on the verge of something truly ugly -- and fans are starting to feel the pressure.

Amid heightened emotions, Sixers guard Danny Green got caught in the crossfire of an angry fan, who demanded better from the 33-year-old sharpshooter.

Green's response? "I've got three rings...."

Danny shot an abysmal 0-7 from beyond the arc on Monday, and just 0-9 in total. Unfortunately, that type of performance has become normal for him over the past few months. His struggles in the bubble seem to have carried over into this campaign, as he's averaging just 7.7 points on 34.9% shooting on the year.

Philly has been able to make-do amid his struggles, but it will be hard to maintain a Top-4 standing in the East if he doesn't improve.

With Milwaukee, Boston, and Miami all likely to gun for top spots, the Sixers will have their work cut out for them, and every man will have to step up.

Ass for the fans, it's no secret that the City of Brotherly Love can get pretty impatient when it comes to their sports teams. The only way to really make them happy is to bring home the Chip.