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NBA Fans Are Stunned After Giannis Antetokounmpo Hit 15 Straight Three-Pointers In Practice: "He Is Unstoppable Now."

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Giannis Antetokounmpo already has a very strong case to be considered the best basketball player in the world. The Milwaukee Bucks man is nearly impossible to stop in the paint and his defensive ability is on a level by itself. In many ways, Giannis is just about the most complete player in the NBA, but that is something that has never stopped him from trying his best to get better. His focus on improvement is simply unmatched, even winning awards doesn't get in the way

The one area Antetokounmpo can work on, something he has already improved, but could still be better at, is three-point shooting. Giannis has already added something of a mid-range game and if he can also start shooting more consistently from three-point range, there would be no flaw in his game at all. 

It would also be cause for warning bells in the league, Antetokounmpo with a reliable three-ball would be impossible to defend. And the signs are that it might not be too far away, a video of Giannis making 15 straight three-pointers in practice from all around the arc went viral on Instagram. 

Fans were stunned by how smooth his stroke looked, Giannis was letting them fly without hesitation. And while there was some skepticism about whether he would be able to do it in-game, most fans were worried about what the video meant for the rest of the league. 

"He is unstoppable now."

"Even after all his success, he stays working on his game. True hooper."

"He's so young, he could end up becoming the GOAT."

"2k cheat code in 2 years watch."

"Scary hours."

"We talking about practice?"

"Inside of NBA defenders nightmares be like."

"He's going to be the greatest ever."

"Giannis a real life cheat code."

"He wants that "GOAT" nickname."

"All this guy does is put in work and make lame jokes."

Making threes unmarked in practice is different from the game, but this is another example of Giannis constantly working on his game in his pursuit of excellence. Having won every major honor there is to win in the NBA, Antetokounmpo will now be focused on winning championships, and it seems his first one has done nothing but make him more hungry.