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NBA Fans Blast Man Whose House Was Saved By Damian Lillard, Blazers: "Let Me See The Ticket Bro"


Damian Lillard fulfilled his promise and saved one man from being homeless after Sunday night game. The Portland Trail Blazers needed to win the last game of the season to secure their playoffs berth without going through the play-in tournament. 

In front of them, the Denver Nuggets, but that wasn't a problem for them. The Blazers won 132-116, getting their 42nd win of the season dramatically. In case you didn't know, one fan told Lillard his house was on the line if the Blazers didn't win 42 games this season, and the All-Star point guard vowed to save it. 

In a night full of drama, this bettor saw the take an early 43-22 advantage in the first quarter of the game. They ended up winning, and things were fine for this man. 

However, after everything was said and done, Dame asked for the ticket, and that's when everything went wrong. 

Turns out this person only bet $260 to win $200, which didn't sound like a whole house for many people. 

NBA fans instantly called this man out, asking him what kind of house he had and why he created such a big story for just $200. 

It was a good night for Dame, Portland and this guy, but things went wrong for the Twitter user after that. This really blew, and fans were expecting to get something bigger, but the story was just one guy winning $200 for the Blazers getting to 42 wins. 

Well, perhaps that's all he needs for rent, but still... Nobody was happy with this.