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NBA Fans Clown Tyronn Lue After He Forgets He's Coaching The Los Angeles Clippers


Tyronn Lue and his Los Angeles Clippers won their first game of the series against the Dallas Mavericks. After going down 0-2, at home, the Clips traveled to Dallas to try to turn things around and put some pressure on the Mavs. 

They did it against all odds, returning from a 19-point deficit in the first quarter and getting a 118-108 win over Luka Doncic and co. Lue and his team knew how to overcome this disadvantage to keep their hopes alive.

However, Lue starred in a very curious moment with less than three minutes on the clock. The 2016 NBA champion apparently forgot he was coaching the Clippers, which led Marcus Morris and his coaching staff had to remind him that he had a request to make. 

Morris fouled out, and everybody but Lue was mad with that decision. His assistants needed to remind him that he had a couple of timeouts left to challenge the foul. 

The Clips lost the challenge and still won, but Lue gave fans a very fun moment. Of course, they didn't let that go away and started trolling the coach. Some said he was thinking about the old days with LeBron James and others provided good alternatives to what he was thinking at the time. 

"He's probably be like: I only take orders from LeBron."

"he literally thought he's just a fan from the sideline 😂"

"ty lue was never a head coach he was just an assistant coach to LeBron."

"Ty was like 'why everyone yelling at me?' Lol"

"Probably still wondering how he finessed the Clippers to get the head coaching job..."

"'Sh****t, don’t look at me, Bron the coach' 😂💀"

"Rondo is the real coach"

"Lue is probably thinking what’s new on Netflix 🤔🤣😂"

"He was waiting for LeBron to tell him what to do."

"He crossed his arms like "did I turn off the stove?""

"This is what happens if Iverson steps on you"

"ty lue thought he'll be invisible if he barely move"

"JR Smith vibes ☠️"

"Allen Iverson is proud: “My fake move is still confusing him 2 decades later.”"

"I think he just didn't want to challenge because he knew it was a clear foul. He got conned into wasting a time out for that fail challenge lol"

"Tye Lue reminiscing bout the good ole days 😂 when Lebron was coaching the team and making all the personnel decisions for him while he was pulling that check"

"this was ty not acting like a rookie, I actually loved this from him. He knew there was nothing to see here and felt like Morris was overreacting to find out his whole team overreacted. This was embarrassing from the entire team and Lu was actually as cool as can be and I loved it. If anything this shows he’s been there and done that 😎"

"Ty Lue knew that was a foul & he didn't want to challenge it a lose a timeout they was up 11..He thinking go sit down u fouled out we got this game 😂😂"

Staff: coach we need a challenge.
Coach: what?
Staff: we need a challenge.
Coach: what is a challenge ?🤔
Staff: the replay center coach 😳
Coach: Refs we need a challenge center. 😄😄

"Bro zoned out for a hot second lmaoooo 😭"

Lebron: "yeah, I've seen this before, it got us swept.🤬" 😅

"He was like “where doc at?” Why yall yelling at me, im the assistant...OH YEAH he gone now lol."

The Clippers will return to action tonight at 9.30 PM ET trying to return to Los Angeles with a tied series. They showed a lot of heart in Game 3, but Luka Doncic still demonstrated he wants to win this series at all cost. 

This series has everything to be the best of this round. Still, the Clippers will need to remind people that they are one of the best teams in the West and tie everything up against a difficult rival.