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NBA Fans Debate If Stephen Curry Has Made 1 Million Three-Pointers In His Life: “That’s 250 Practice Shots A Day For Less Than 15 Years. Easy.”

NBA Fans Debate About If Stephen Curry Has Made 1 Million Three-Pointers In His Life: “That’s 250 Practice Shots A Day For Less Than 15 Years. Easy.”

Stephen Curry has many phenomenal skills in his arsenal, but his three-pointers are unarguably the most lethal. Steph has revolutionized the game of basketball thanks to his ability to make those insane three-pointers.

To perfect skill as Curry has, it takes years of practice and determination. But have you ever wondered, how many three-point shots has the Golden State Warriors superstar made in his life?

We're not talking about just the NBA, that number is quite evident. Recently Curry broke the record for the most three-pointers made in NBA history, surpassing Ray Allen. Instead, we are focusing on every three-point shot that Curry has made in his life. 

An NBA fan asked this question, where he asked fellow NBA fans about their thoughts on whether Steph has made 1 million long-distance shots in his entire life, including high school, college, and, of course, practice sessions.

As you can see in the post above by Instagram page "Dunk," it is quite an interesting debate. Well, here are the honest thoughts from NBA fans about this exciting debate.

famouslos32: "He a nba player that prolly makes 1000 a day a sum point of his life during his work outs only ! 😂."

gocrazyberk: "if we being fr probably around 350,000."

austinyouthbasketball: "Would be 136 makes per day over last 20 years. Yes, possible. For us no, for his accuracy and work ethic and resources… possible."

spirit_4569: "Ya definitely if he made a 1000 every day he will make a mil in 3 years."

burkedbyburke: "After doing some calculations: he’s 12,329 days old, but assuming he didn’t hit a 3 until he was 7, that’s only 9774 days to hit a million threes. If you divide 1 million by that 9774 days, he would have to have hit an average of about 102.3 threes per day of his life to hit this goal. This could be possible, but it would depend mainly on Steph’s practice habits."

4pf_kodakk: "Nah bro 1M is too f*****g big, he prolly made a 100k tho."

lucasdurr: "Hell yes, if he made a 500 shots by day, since 2009 (when he come to NBA) 11 years its 4015 days multiplique to 500, result its 2 Millions, imagine if we considerated high school, college and all practice and games."

stacyjamesofficial: "I did the math and I’m high but I think it comes to roughly 86 a day, so honestly maybe man."

johan01_0: "Bro I say yeah, let’s say he makes at least 4 thousand threes a week(it might even be more tbh) that’s a lot of threes every season. he works on his threes hours and hours everyday, and he’s been doing this he was a lil kid😭I say he has well over 1 mil made threes."

giraffedad: "Not even 100k not even 50k."

c.j.hungerford: "That's 82 a day since the day he was born lol."

tate_eller3: "Easy. That’s only 211 makes per day over his 13 years in the league, let alone lifetime."

m16grfx: "There’s a video where he made like 103 straight in practice…So imagine like if he be doing that every practice and he been in the league since 2009?"

mr_daoust: "In an interview, it said that he shoots near 1000 shots per practice. Assuming he practices at least 10 times per week (regular for nba players) for the last 25 years. It comes to over 18M shots at least attempted."

It all comes down to the work ethic of Steph Curry. Knowing how well he shoots in games, it is quite obvious that he spends hours practicing his craft.

Also, during practice, there are no high-pressure situations like the actual games. It became even more obvious after seeing a video of Curry shooting 105 straight threes without missing. To answer the million dollar question, yes, it is quite likely that Steph has made 1 million three-point shots in his life!