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NBA Fans Debate 'Which Squad Wins In A 7-Game Series?': Kyrie, Durant, Kawhi And Jordan vs. Kobe, Curry, Giannis And LeBron



It's well known that hypothetical scenarios always engage fans in heated debates. Everybody has a point of view on every NBA-related topic, and everybody wants to make their point when debating other fans. 

In recent hours, Instagram page @ZGVISUALZ sparked a big debate between fans when they pit two 4-man squad against each other. The edit features Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, and Michael Jordan against Kobe Bryant, Stephen Curry, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and LeBron James. 

It didn't take long for NBA fans to start debating this, explaining why squad A or B would win this exciting match. 

This hypothetical matchup drew a lot of attention around the league in recent hours. NBA fans love to discuss these things, and they won't stop anytime soon. The more they see these imaginary clashes, the more they'll get involved in them.