NBA Fans React After Hennessy Becomes An Official Partner Of The NBA

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(via Cavs Nation)

(via Cavs Nation)

It's official: Hennessy is now a partner of the NBA. In an article by Forbes, Chris Carson describes the newest spirit partner of the league and what it means for both parties.

Hennessy, the world’s best-selling Cognac, and the National Basketball Association announced today a multi-year partnership that makes Hennessy the official spirt of the NBA, Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), and USA Basketball.

Jack Daniel’s was the NBA’s previous spirit partner.

“The partnership between Hennessy and the NBA has united two global brands with long-standing shared values and a passion for pushing the limits of potential,” Giles Woodyer, Senior Vice President, Hennessy U.S. told Forbes. “We feel very fortunate to be partnering with an organization that offers so many diverse associations and opportunities to embrace the spirit of the game.”

According to Forbes, the NBA and Hennessy will tip off the partnership during All-Star Weekend, where Hennessy will serve as an associate partner of the Celebrity Game presented by Ruffles and as a presenting partner of the pre-game red carpet. Needless to say, fans are going crazy over the news, drawing a connection between the brandy distiller and J.R. Smith, who is famously known as the "Henny God."

J.R. is not currently active in the league, but his legacy is clearly living on as Henny King.

But seriously, it seems fans all around the world are having fun with the league's newest partnership.