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NBA Fans React To Bronny James’ Amazing Performance At Nike Elite Youth Basketball: "He Will Be An NBA All-Star"

NBA Fans React To Bronny James’ Amazing Performance At Nike Elite Youth Basketball: "He Will Be An NBA All-Star"

Being the son of arguably the greatest basketball player in the history of the NBA is not an easy life. Yes, we are talking about the son of LeBron James, Bronny James.

Ever since Bronny was a kid, he was under the spotlight. Since LBJ is a great basketball player, most expect him to follow in the footsteps of his father. On top of that, NBA fans want to see Bronny and LeBron playing together on a team at least once.

As a result, Bronny has further pressure of not only just playing basketball but being good enough to be drafted into the league as well. Bronny is currently 17 years old and has shown signs of excellence here and there. All things considered, he is yet to become a top prospect.

But Bronny proved his doubters wrong in his recent game at the Nike Elite Youth Basketball. More often than not, fans have noticed Bronny being focusing a tad bit too much on the defensive end of the floor. However, this was the first time when he displayed his offensive prowess in a game.

He finished the game with 28 points, 3 rebounds, and 6 assists to his name. In his 28-point effort, Bronny also made five 3-pointers.

Following a dip in his rankings, fans loved to see the 17-year-old responding with an elite game. Evidently, it led to many fans praising him for unarguably the best game of his young career so far.

dj_bywest: He aint bad.. especially with the pressure he has... i just believe Bryce will be a problem.. the way bryce moves just seems more natural.. but he doesnt not have that kind of pressure so he can develop his game in peace... other than that Bron did a great job raising and training these boys.

austin_fitness10: Turning into a nice guard.

jhe.rane: Bronny is cold, people just expecting him to be LeBron 2.0 when that will not the case. The King was/is a freak of nature and a generational talent like Jordan was.

izzra: Now watch grown a** men insult him cause they love to hate Bron ⬇️.

likeim_kobe: His shoot is getting better and better he really might be a solid nba guard athletic and can shot very efficiently he already use to playing with high level talent he’ll be a good rotational piece and even a solid starter.

mi.chael3832: He’s a great defensive guard one of the best in the country I’m glad he’s adding that offense now.

botrip: Dope seeing him evolve into prime time.

godfearing_r1: I see an athletic jrue holiday, that’s an all star!

_ahki_088: This is what is needed from him to obtain that 5 star status. He be too passive sometimes and it hurts him.

gabrielae12: When lebron was 17 he was better than 70 percent of the nba.

brandonnnmc: He has improved so much I’ve just the last year alone. Give him a little more height and he could be a defensive machine too.

the_sneakerkingz: His ranking will go up next year. The kid got the whole package! Just hate cuz he bron kid.

As several fans mentioned, due to the fact that Bronny is LeBron's son, the pressure on him is simply too much. Speaking of LeBron, he had nothing but praise for his son's excellent performance.

Despite that pressure, he is turning into a fine player. But he might never reach the level of his father. After all, James is a generational talent, and we might never see a player of his caliber in the NBA.